Have You Seen My Mojo? Healthier Heather

Have You Seen My Mojo?  Healthier Heather

I think I have lost my mojo and cant seem to find it. Inspiration. Motivation. Anything. Something. Are you there mojo? Its me Heather.

Have you ever had that moment when you can hear yourself talking to someone and you think whoa, is that me? I feel like thats me right now. I seem to have lost my inspiration a bit. Not much of a spring in my step. New ideas are a little rare. The illness took a lot out of me physically for sure- exercise mojo has been trumped by sleep mojo (still). Not an inspirational quote to be seen anywhere. Not many words of wisdom. No big ideas that will change the course of time.

When you are a manager, lulls like this make you feel guilty. Im supposed to be inspiring and energizing for others. They are looking to me. Trust me, the work is getting done. Im still hustling but its not with the ususal flair that I like to have.

Maybe its the 5 degree air outside. Maybe my flat tire today is a metaphor for my demeanor. So Im looking for my mojo. Maybe you have seen her? I usually look for her in Seth Godin blog posts or dinners with friends or TED talks.

Where do you find inspiration when yours has gone missing? Want to share some with me?

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