The Steaming Pile of Shit the Heart Foundation Call Heart Healthy Eating Advice Get a Fresh Start

The Steaming Pile of Shit the Heart Foundation Call Heart Healthy Eating Advice  Get a Fresh Start

Taking on the Heart Foundation and Debunking the Mainstream Nutrition Myths that have made the world Fat & Sick

The Steaming Pile of Shit the Heart Foundation Call Heart Healthy Eating Advice

“Just one small morning cappuccino with full fat milk could provide almost a third of your daily maximum of saturated fat. Over a year this amounts to more than 1 kilo of saturated fat. By switching to a skinny cappuccino you wipe out almost all of that saturated fat from your diet.”

Ugh. Seriously? Who drinks cappuccinos anyway lol. Personally if you are going to drink coffee I would go for Bulletproof coffee and have it with butter, cream or full fat raw milk. I love that they just keep going on and on and on about saturated fat CONSTANTLY so that we are all brainwashed and utterly convinced that this normal, natural fat that has ALWAYS been a satiating and essential part of the human diet is evil and coming to get us, make us fat and kill us off by ‘clogging our arteries’ and causing heart disease. I do NOT understand how in the name of sanity anyone with any sense at all can say that saturated fats clog our arteries. As Zoe Harcome mentions in this post are you putting the fat in your arteries intravenously?? This shit does not compute.

How do they even isolate saturated fat from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat to come to the conclusion that it’s the sat fat killing us (which has been disproven SO MANY TIMES and never actually been proven to be the case, no Ancel Keys rubbish cherry picked load of bologna study DOES NOT count as proof).

The Heart Foundation have a SERIOUSLY bizarre idea of what saturated fat even is. On their website they state

“Saturated fats are found in foods such as fat on meat, chicken skin, full fat dairy products, butter and take-away foods. Saturated fats are always listed on the nutrition panel so when choosing between foods in the supermarket, compare the nutrition information panel on the back and choose the one lowest in saturated fat.”

“Choose healthier treats. Cakes, pastries and biscuits are one of the main sources of saturated fat in our diets. Raisin bread, Tick approved cereal and nut bars, or Tick approved sweet biscuits are healthier options. Limit pastries, pizza, fried fish, hamburgers, hot chips and creamy pasta to once a week.”

What the hell?? I have never ever seen these kinds of junk foods that they are talking about made with butter, lard, coconut oil or any of the other ‘main sources of saturated fat’ that they constantly go on about. They are all made with cheap and nasty ‘heart healthy’ canola, vegetable and seed oils. I’m not sure they even understand what saturated fat is or the fact that in nature it is ALWAYS found with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat in different ratios. How are they separating this fat out as evil and do they have ANY IDEA?? (Rhetorical question, evidently not).

“Cut the fat. Trim all visible fat from meat, remove skin from chicken and try to avoid processed meat (e.g. sausages and salami) unless it has the Heart Foundation Tick.”

Oh yes, because the Heart Foundation Tick means even processed meat is an acceptable part of the diet. WHAT???? People often tell me I am misunderstanding the point of the Heart Foundation Tick, it’s not to tell us a food is healthy, just a healthier option. I UNDERSTAND THIS PERFECTLY WELL. But when they explicitly tell people to avoid something unless it has the tick the subliminal message is that it’s healthy and safe if it has the tick which in actual fact is a blatant and misleading load of horseshit. Also they are not even necessarily the healthier option, it’s about who has the most money- not who makes the healthier option. If a small, family based organic biscuit makes a far healthier version of a product with the filthy Tick of Approval they will NEVER get the Tick unless they can afford to pay for it so evidently the Tick is a huge crock.

Never in the history of humanity have humans gone about obsessively trimming all the fat from the meat and removing the skin from the chicken etc. What an atrocity. Obviously this is the most delicious and enjoyable part and traditional communities prized the fats and knew that they were filled with nourishment and health benefiting properties, especially for children, pregnant and nursing women and the elderly. It is very important we educate ourselves about which fats are healthy and necessary in the human diet and which are not as health authorities like the heart foundation promoting man made, highly inflammatory and rancid fats over natural ones which have satiated humanity for an insanely long amount of time is quite clearly completely and utterly ridiculous. There is only one reason this is done. Money, money, money. I would highly recommend this article to gain more of an understanding about this topic.

“Swap butter for a margarine spread made from canola, sunflower, olive or dairy blends. Just doing this with your morning toast and sandwiches at lunch will remove 2.85 kg of saturated fat from your diet in one year.”

“Butter is around 50% saturated fat – that’s the unhealthy fat that raises our cholesterol levels.  Margarine is a much healthier choice because it has a maximum of only 20% saturated fat. Used daily in place of butter, margarine helps us to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Q. But surely it’s ok to give butter to my kids – they don’t have cholesterol issues and it’s more natural!

According to The Australian National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey 2007, children are currently consuming twice the recommended maximum levels of saturated fat. The dietary habits established in childhood are often set for life.  You can set your children on a healthier eating habit from an early age by making margarine a part of their regular healthy diet.”

YEP they are actually trying to make us give our KIDS margarine over butter, despite naturally healthy fats being absolutely essential for growth, brain function and development and a whole HOST of other necessary physiological functions. The assholes have also teamed up with the NSW government to ensure that everyone above the age of 2 is served low fat milk in child care centres. This pisses me off more than anything else in this entire article. I love how they make it EXCEPT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 2! Know why this is? Because kids would literally die if they were fed this shit under 2. But above 2 it’s all good, they won’t die, they’ll just be extremely deficient and deprived of essential nutrients, but as long as we’re not killing the kids off it’s all good right? Damn this makes me really fire up. As a mum I am utterly disgusted. Low fat milk NOT ONLY is not a good source of nutrition at all, it is actually toxic and dangerous to consume. See here, here and here.  It makes no sense to me that people would believe that breast milk which is FULL of saturated fat and cholesterol and is the best and most nourishing food for little ones (obviously this is the case as this is how they are designed to be fed and gives them all the nourishment we need). Then suddenly once we hit two years of age we change species and no longer require these nourishing fats? What on earth? It just DOES NOT COMPUTE people.

Oh and back to the issue of feeding kids margarine or anyone margarine over butter, feel free to read the following rants on the subject here and here.

“The higher your blood LDL cholesterol level, the higher your risk of heart disease. High blood cholesterol is a major cause of a process called atherosclerosis, which can gradually clog the blood vessels supplying the heart, brain and other parts of the body. This ‘clogging’ may eventually prevent the blood from getting to parts of your heart or brain, resulting in a heart attack or stroke.”

How can they say this without backing it up with a shred of evidence? Just one big lie, plain and simple. Higher cholesterol levels DO NOT give you a higher risk of heart disease and higher blood cholesterol is NOT a major cause of a process called atherosclerosis. This is known as the great cholesterol con/scam/myth in my community of health experts. In fact lower cholesterol INCREASES mortality rates of all causes. Yes you have more chance of DEATH if your cholesterol is lower. For a very in depth explanation of cholesterol and its importance and to understand how the myth came about, how cholesterol really works, why it is essential to our health etc etc please read these very well referenced articles and studies, particularly the first one.,, and

“There are some people who may need medication to lower their blood cholesterol levels as well as making these lifestyle changes. If prescribed for you, take the cholesterol lowering medication as advised.”

Oh ok yeah sure lets sell a multi billion dollar profitable drug that not only INCREASES our risk of death, does not provide protection against heart disease and causes mental confusion, memory loss, muscle issues and a whole host of other nasty side effects. That shit makes a whole lot of sense… and for more info.

I think that’s enough for now. There will be a part 2 to this post, and possibly even a part 3 because this is most certainly not the full extent of the TERRIBLE, outdated, misinformation based on lies and profit rather than truth and health.

Please sign and share the petition far and wide so that people can access accurate information and protect themselves and their loved ones from heart disease and many other chronic, degenerative and VERY preventable illnesses.

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