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Porridge, Yogurt, and Tomato in Candida Foods

My friend was asking me about Candida foods. She was thinking if anyone can make oatmeal cookies with Stevia in porridge. She is also confused about yogurt. She read that one should eat lots of it, but after reading an article, she saw that yogurt is a fermented product and we have to avoid it, but is it not a good source of acidophilus bacteria. She also wants to know what tomatoes do to/for candida. She doesn’t know if they are vegetable or fruit and how they shape blood sugar and whether we are expected to eat them or not.

And then, she also asked if I have consumed the supplement SF722 (from Thorne Labs). She wants to know if it is an antifungal and if she has to take it in a routine with other antifungal or just all the time.

I have said it before, that the foods we can have are different, based on different body’s preference. It applies for the yogurt, too. You can have the porridge in any way you want, but remember it is not to be taken as your daily food. The diets/nutritionists seem to be basically split on tomatoes. They are considered to be a fruit, but some say they are ok and some say they are not. Like grapefruit, lemon, and lime, they are acidic; so, I decided to have them just in a limited quantity. And always try to tune into how your body feels about them.

My sibling has just started using the SF722 yesterday as she has been reading great things about it. It is derived from Castor beans in an oil base and supposed to be taken in conjunction with other things. They suggest that you start with 1 twice a day, and then gradually increase until you are taking 5 twice a day.

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