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Free Fitness Books » 5 Little Known Ways to Exercise

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This first ebook we bring to you has been written by Nick Nilsson and is called ‘The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of’.

Essentially this 71 page ebook is a sample taken from a larger book. However, although a sample, the ebook presents 5 key exercises in good details. We therefore thought this ebook deserved a place in our directory as many of your might find these exercises useful.

‘The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of’ brings you 5 great exercise routines for several of the major muscle groups in your body including:

The exercise routines are explained very clearly in the book, which should ensure a smooth workout! It is obviously very important to read through the exercise descriptions well before getting down to do the actual workout, so you will know exactly what the exercise is going to accomplish and how to perform the routine properly. Knowing the routine well beforehand also ensure you do it in a safe way!

Every exercise routine includes a very handy ‘Common Errors’ section which will let you know some of the typical ways the exercise is done improperly so you can take necessary steps to correct yourself before they even happen!

So, although our first ebook is essentially a sample ebook, it contains thorough details on 5 exercise routines which will make a great addition to your normal fitness routine.

Download ‘The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of’ today! It’s free and no registration is required! This link points directly to the ebook in .PDF format [614 kb].

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