Sleep well and lose weight!

Sleep well and lose weight!

One of the most common complaints that health professional now hear from their patient is that they are tired. Sleep deprivation is a growing and worrying trend in a nation that now averages 7 hours of sleep a day compared to the 8 hours back in the 50s. As a result of this, we do not perform our jobs as well as we could, and as a result, when job performance diminishes, so do production outputs. The economy as a whole then suffers the consequences.

But it is not just the economy that is a victim of our lack of sleep. Indeed, new evidence brought forward in recent research studies indicates that millions of chronically sleep-deprived Americans put their very own health at risk. There is a definite link between sleep and health on the one hand, bad sleep and disease on the other. High Blood pressure for example, a major factor in heart attack risks increases with lack of sleep. After all blood pressure and heart rate are at their lowest during sleep and so people who sleep less are more likely to see an increase in their hypertension. This link can also explain other findings putting lack of sleep with an increased risk of diabetes, weight gain and other problems.

Yes! Weight Gain! And if this correlation between weight and sleep surprises you, let me remind you that as the duration of our sleep has diminished over time, this trend has also coincided with an increase in obesity. In fact, recent research indicates that people who do sleep enough are more like to gain weight. There is simple and powerful evidence behind this to suggest that sleep deprivation causes a reduction in metabolism and at the same time an increase in appetite.

Indeed, inadequate sleep duration increases the levels of grehlin, a hormone responsible for making us hungry and decreases the levels of leptin, the hormone responsible for making us feel full! Sleep deprivation is also a factor in our choice of food making us crave for food that is high in carbohydrate and sugar. This is caused from the fact that sleep loss decreases insulin sensitivity increasing our risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

How about that then for all of us doing our best to achieve weight loss! It would seem that if you want to lose weight and lose fat, start by making sure you have a good night sleep!

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