SlimQuick Lemonade Dietary Supplement Packets

SlimQuick Lemonade Dietary Supplement Packets

SlimQuick can be found on store shelves of many health food stores or grocery stores. After decades of research, they have put together a formula specifically for overweight women who want to burn fat and jump start their weight loss. The SlimQuick product line includes diet pills and drinks mixes targeting women’s issues for weight loss, such as hormones imbalances, lack of energy, water retention, uncontrolled appetite, and stress relief. They have developed a formula of ingredients that is intended to address those issues.

Ingredients from SlimQuick

  • The nutratherm thermogenic complex: These ingredients are designed to provide energy and increase the thermodynamic burn. They use caffeine, cocoa bean, yerba mate, and clary sage. While the herbs may have some properties that act like a stimulant, the caffeine is the only one with solid evidence that it increases calories burned, and may even promote breaking down fat.
  • Estrotrim hormone balancing complex: Soy isoflavones and vitex agnus castus are responsible for the hormone balancing for women. The soy has estrogen like properties that function to improve symptoms of PMS.
  • Cortifem: This complex works to reduce stress. The ingredients responsible are beta-sistosterol, phophatidylserine, rhodiola rosea, and theanine. Stress is a huge cause of weight gain in women. Even if a woman does not eat more during times of stress, the hormones released during stress encourages fat storage! Especially bely fat.
  • Aquaplex Water Removal complex: This complex is designed with herbal diuretics. These include dandelion leaf and extract, horse tail, uva ursi extract, and French Maritime pine extract. These herbs have been useful in other products as effective diuretics. Flushing out excess water is the fastest way people lose weight, although there is no fat loss associated.
  • Xtend absorption complex: With cellulose ethers and piper nigum, this fiber complex helps you to feel full without consuming as many calories. It also contains some essential vitamins and minerals to help get the nutrients absorbed necessary.


  • This product has a lot ingredients. When purchased separately would be very expensive.
  • This product has vitamins and minerals that are important on a lower calorie diet.
  • This product has been formulated with women’s issues in mind.


  • There are possible side effects like headaches, dizziness or tremors.
  • Should not take if pregnant or nursing.


SlimQuick Lemonade drink packets are an easy way to get some weight loss benefits and some quick energy. While this product is designed for women, not all women will benefit from it. Those who may have hormonal issues, extra stress, or fatigue may benefit the most from this product. Weight loss always needs to be accompanied by a good diet and exercise, which SlimQuick also support. They include in the packaging some weight loss tips, diet and menu ideas, and a diet log to keep your progress. There is also a recommended cardio program and a training log for your exercise. These key components to their program, along with the weight loss drink may make SlimQuick an effective means for weight loss.

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