The winner will be announced here August 25th,2009 and notified by phone.

The winner will be announced here August 25th,2009 and notified by phone.
All applications must be in by midnight on the 22nd of August 2009. The winner will be announced here August 25th,2009 and notified by phone.

My name is Edna Yates and I am an Independent Affiliate sponsoring this contest. I live in a small town about 30 miles north of Portland, Oregon so that puts me in Washington State. It’s a small community and I live about 5 miles from town on 2 acres with my eleven year old grandson, our Minnie Schnauzer and Manx cat. My mother passed away a year ago at the age of 87 and she lived here for 28 years so as they say “Home is where the Heart is.”

When I found this opportunity I knew this was something I could wrap my arms around. That was May 21, 2009 They pay ever week…To date—July29, 2009--- I have been paid $3487.00.

After joining at the business builder position I upgraded to a Founders Position. After upgrading I shared the same opportunity with people that I thought would also be able to wrap their arms around this product and company.

When you join as a Founder you receive four Executive Positions, 1 you keep and the other 3 you can sell and keep the money or give them away. There will only be 500 Founders sharing a pool of 2% of the gross sales world wide. Feel free to call me if you are interested in receiving more information. 360-263-2386 and ask for Edna.

They did indeed wrap their arms around this and they wanted in the Founders Pool so to make a long story short...I have already recouped my investment and made a profit.

I had 3 executive positions still available. I decided then that I was going to place those 3 to someone that I could help grow their own business.

There have been times in my past that I would have been hard pressed to invest in this opportunity so I want to share my good fortune.

I have placed 1 with a Not-For-Profit organization so that they can receive a passive monthly residual income. 1 to the winner of this contest and I haven''t decided what I will be doing with the 3rd one yet. I''d love to hear some ideas you might have.

The rules are simple but please read Must be 18 years or older. Winner must be able to produce proof of age.

2. United States residents only. JavaFit will be going world wide but we are not there yet, so for now we are only shipping to the US. Stay tuned we will have 13 different languages on your Your Retail Site soon.

3. Must take the tour before submitting your contest application.

4. One application per person.

Terms of agreement:

Edna Yates will pay for 1st. year retail site fee of $35.00 and ship 1 Executive Pack to the winner free of charge.

The winner agrees to accept at minimum a $40.00 auto ship monthly until which time affiliate becomes inactive or is generating at least $40.00 in perferred customer or retail sales.

The winner agrees to have picture and winning application posted here.