Affordable health insurance rates - Part 18

Affordable health insurance rates - Part 18

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Many people have the hope of staying in their homes for a lifetime, especially as they grow old. It is usually possible, but there are certain periods in life when people may need a little more help – mainly when it comes to shopping for food, cooking, or even taking a bath – and these periods tend to fall between the eighties and nineties. Other people need help even more frequently and this could mean that it is the right time to move to a geriatric home where a group of professionals will be waiting to take full care of them, and this is the exact time where long term care insurance becomes really helpful.

Families can sometimes realize when a relative is not able to share the house anymore. It

During this time of economic transition, it can be challenging to know who you can trust.  Health insurance is undergoing a huge overhaul and health insurance companies are working hard to keep up.  This is the time where having a big name health insurer will come in handy.  You know a company such as State Farm Health Insurance will maintain their high standard of care during these tricky times.

State Farm understands how hard it is to shop around for health insurance quotes and they make it easier by offering an extremely user-friendly website.  They know protecting your family is your main priority and they have the products available to make this possible.  Th

Why Medicare For All Might Not Be So Great

Maggie Mahar’s articles are typically well worth reading, and her take on why a single payer health care system is not a practical or affordable idea for the near future is no exception.  The idea stems from the hope of some liberals that conservatives will overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA), disaster will ensue in the health care system, and this will pave the way for a single payer system.

But Maggie points out that this isn’t likely to be the case (instead, we’d just end up with continuing unchecked price increases for health care services, and correlated increases in health insurance premiums).  She m

how do I get over my dog ? Confused TodayI spent an hour looking for her, and someone heard my calls and told us she’d been knocked down by a car. We went to every vet and soon found her. She had a broken leg, and was in shock. One thing that I can’t seem to forgive myself for is the pet insurance. I had a quote from tesco’s pet insurance, and was going to do it the following day ! WHY didn’t I do it THAT DAY !!!! I didn’t have the money to help her, it was going to cost thousands, and It’s the biggest regret I …  read more…

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