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Claimed to be the first nutritional supplement to be scientifically proven (through 7 clinical trials) to neutralise carbs, Dietrine is in a strong position to help you put your dieting woes behind you.

What can Dietrine do for you?

Block carbohydrates from entering your system

100% natural with no known side effects

Cut the calories consumed with each meal

Lose weight without drastically chaning your diet

Alongside Dietrine’s unique capacity to prevent carbohydrate molecules from being converted into fat cells, Dietrine is also 100% natural.

Unlike other carbohydrate blockers, Dietrine contains Phase 2, a nutrient renowned for stopping the digestive enzyme Alpha Amylase dead in its tracks.

Derived using the latest in propriety processing, this simple nutrient prevents starch from being converted into glucose.

You can happily eat all your favourites of pasta, potatoes and rice, confident that Dietrine is helping you to consume less calories meal after meal.

7 Clinical trials have been carried out on Dietrine they have shown the effectiveness of the starch absorption blocker on a range of participants and the effectiveness of phase 2 on a range of participants.

All the studies show that Dietrine is an effective carbohydrate blocker and weight loss aid that helps you to cut the amount of carbs absorbed by your system.

Look anywhere on its ingredient list and you’ll find no mention of solvents, stimulants, ma huang, ephedra or ephedrine. The only traces you’ll spot are Vanadium and Chromium Chelarite – 2 nutrients we doubt you won’t mind ingesting if your intention is to lose weight:

Vanadium – necessary for cellular metabolism, this simple nutrient inhibits cholesterol synthesis, improves insulin utilisation and plays a vital role in the growth and reproduction of your body.

Chromium Chelarite – essential for cellular activity, chromium chelarite mimics insulin enabling you to take control of your blood sugar levels.

Dietrine is the only Phase 2 supplement to meet the highest standards of excellence in 7 clinical trials AS WELL AS demonstrate safety through LD50 studies and the gold standard test for acute and chronic toxicity.

Simply take Dietrine with some water before a starch-rich meal and you will be able to eat the same amount of carbohydrates you ate before, with less of the mishaps of excess calories.

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