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100% of our care, all of our Neuropathy treatment, DOES NOT involve drug/medications or shots/injections.

“I suffered from Neuropathy in both of my feet for years. I could barely walk!  After just a month I could go nearly a week without any pain and now, after just a couple of months, I have no pain at all in my feet!  I’m just so pleased and amazed! My Neuropathy has greatly improved! I highly recommend Dr. Miller and his neuropathy treatment!  Peggy W.    Results may vary.

Do you suffer from pain in your toes, foot, ankle or leg? Do you suffer from pain in your fingers, hand or arm?

Neuropathy literally means “sick nerves”.  When nerves become damaged & sick – they ‘mis-fire’.

The sick nerves either send abnormal signals when they are not supposed to or they don’t send signals when they should.  

Neuropathy can occur anywhere in the body, but it is most common in the lower extremities, and most common in the feet. The abnormal signals sent by the sick nerves in these areas can cause many symptoms, such as pain & burning sensations, pins & needles, aching, tingling, numbness, and stabbing pain are some of the ways our patients describe their Neuropathy.  

It is the Nerve system dysfunctions, Vascular system dysfunctions and Metabolic cellular dysfunctions that result in “Inflammation & Deterioration” that are the root causes of Neuropathy.

Inflammation usually plays a key role in the perpetuation of pain and chronic deterioration of the nerve and vascular tissues. Chronic inflammatory conditions (e.g. Type II Diabetes, Immune system dysfunction, Micro-circulatory disease, Painful Neuritis, Heart Disease and even Osteoarthritis & Chemotherapy) have been clinically demonstrated to be associated with Neuropathy and Neuropathy Pain.

Now Available, Newly FDA Approved, Safe, Effective Care That Can Reverse Neuropathy.

A new type of FDA approved Neuropathy Care, including: State-of-the-art, High to Low Frequency Electrical Current Technologies, and our Natural Clinical Nutrition & our Clinically Proven Diet, along with Proprietary Corrective Procedures, has been developed by Integrated Health Solutions to enhance and restore the Nerve system dysfunctions, improve Vascular system function and restore Metabolic cell dysfunctions associated with ‘sick nerves of Neuropathy’ by stimulating lower to higher frequencies and non-stimulating middle frequencies for increased efficacy in the clinical practice of nerve tissue restoration, removing toxins associated with causing ‘sick nerves’ and restoring the appropriate internal environment for continued improved function, symptom elimination and long-term restorations of damaged tissues.

Favorable outcomes have been experienced in the vast majority of the patients who have been carefully screened to assess the causes of the neuropathy.

Clinical studies demonstrate a 90% plus improvement rate based on a multi-pronged approach of correcting the numerous, deeper levels of what is causing the Neuropathy.

Restoring Neuropathy at the Cellular Level, the Deeper Levels of Neuropathy.

Our unique, FDA approved, scientific approach treats chronic Neuropathy conditions at the deeper cellular levels, the deeper cellular levels of the nerves, the vascular system and metabolic dysfunctions that are causing Neuropathy.

Our State-of-the-art diagnostic approach uses comprehensive Lab studies, Neurologic and Physical Testing of each patient to demonstrate the dysfunctions that are specific to the individual.

Our follow-up Lab studies demonstrate the results of our Neuropathy Care and correcting it’s causes.

Our State-or-the-art treatment includes: Advanced, Newly FDA approved, High to Low Frequency, Electrical Current Technologies, combined with Natural, Clinical Nutrition & Clinical Diet, along with Proprietary Corrective Procedures, all designed to address Neuropathy at the deeper levels where Neuropathy is being created or caused in your body.

Our Neuropathy Care is designed to:

Reduce the symptoms of Neuropathy quickly.

Restore improved Cellular function of Nerves.

Restore improved Cellular function of Vascular system

Restore improved Cellular functions of Metabolic disorders.

Reduce or eliminate the Burning, Pins & Needles, Stabbing Pain & Numbness.

Provide Clinical Nutrition & Clinical Diet for Long-Term, Sustainable Improvements.

Restore Normal Function back into your life.

Long-term, sustainable results are available only when the root level causes of disease and pain are corrected.      All of our care, 100% of our treatment, is focused on the deeper, underlying causes of disease or pain.  Medications are nearly always designed to just suppress symptoms and are not intended or designed to address the deeper underlying causes of disease or pain.  Without  treating the deeper causes of disease or pain, temporary symptomatic results at best  can come from just treating symptoms.

With our FDA approved, State-of-the-art, High to Low Frequency, Electrical Current Technologies, with our Natural Clinical Nutrition & Clinical diet, along with Proprietary Corrective Procedures here is what our patients experience.

Improved Gait and Strength to Legs & Feet.

Increases Metabolic Activity: energizes the cells,

Increases Oxygen and Blood directly to the nerve,

In a clinical study involving 532 patients with diagnosed condition of Neuropathy, using our FDA approved, State-of-the-art, Low to High Frequencies, Electrical Current Technologies, 91% of respondents reported improved quality of life.  (Hartz MD, Wickham PhD, RN, Hays DC, DABCO, Phillips PhD, Howe DC)

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“I suffered from Neuropathy in both my legs and feet. Dr. Miller’s treatment is great. I have no pain at all in my legs or feet and it only took about 5 visits of Dr. Miller’s Neuropathy care. Dr. Miller’s treatment has allowed my daily activities to greatly improve and, as important, Dr. Miller is reversing what is causing my Neuropathy, my Diabetes!   Charles M.   Results may vary.

Up until now conventional care treatment, using drug/medications, focuses on just reducing symptoms like the abnormal numbness sensations and pain. Conventional care’s current anti-inflammatory drug choices are NSAIDs and steroids;

The long-term, undesirable side effect risks of these drug/medications are unclear and controversial, especially considering individual patient variations.

The conventional care drug/medications with all the numerous side effects have been clinically shown to be not very effective, are usually very expensive, require lifelong consumption, can and many times do cause liver and kidney damage and can interact with other medications, and many times potentially life threatening.

Most importantly – The conventional care approach of just drugs/medications/shots/injections & symptom suppression, directed entirely towards simply suppressing symptoms, DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help restore and rehabilitate the sick nerves.

Drugs/Medications/Shots/Injections DO NOTHING to address the deeper levels of what is causing Neuropathy, nothing to restore proper function to the sick nerves or nothing to assist in repairing or correcting the ‘mis-firing’ of sick nerves and nothing for the restoration of damage tissues.

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”In clinical practice assisting individuals with Neuropathy Pain, I continue to witness first-hand the amazing positive effects of correcting the underlying neurologic, metabolic and cellular dysfunctions has on the body. It is absolutely true…Continued Neuropathy Pain is largely due to an underlying condition not properly diagnosed and thus not properly treated. Neuropathy and Neuropathy Pain and Misery are reversible and correctable.”

“Your health is truly a God given birth right. Please, give our office a call, let me help you get your health back. I sincerely look forward to assisting you with a condition that has been proven to be reversible.”   Dr. Miller.

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