Why I’m in love with a kitchen appliance Get a Fresh Start

Why I’m in love with a kitchen appliance   Get a Fresh Start

Taking on the Heart Foundation and Debunking the Mainstream Nutrition Myths that have made the world Fat & Sick

Why I’m in love with a kitchen appliance

Haha so that sounds a bit ridiculous really doesn’t it, but the Thermomix has seriously changed our lives for the better in SO MANY WAYS. I always encourage my readers to check for bias in everything they read, and yes I’m a consultant in Brisbane, so I sell them, so there could be some bias there. But I would not be doing it if I didn’t love everything about the machine and think it was worthwhile for people I meet and do demonstrations for to have one in their kitchen!! I never do anything I don’t 300% believe in and will NEVER SELL OUT! Haha. That is my lifelong rule. If Nestle offered me 300 million to say Milo was healthy I would tell them to shove their 300 million up their ass (then I would go and cry for a long time haha).

I had never heard of the Thermomix in my life until one day I walked into my nutrition class in Brisbane and a woman was doing a mini demo. She did the first dish- sorbet, and I knew I had to have one. At the time I was extremely unwell. You can read about my story here and I was having extremely severe reactions to a huge number of foods. My partner was helping me to avoid sugar, additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients (so basically every processed food on the market), wheat, gluten and grains in general, commercial dairy as well as salicylates (which means I could eat basically about 10 foods- I am not kidding). We were spending so much time cooking and washing up and to be honest he had to do most of it, I was too sick and could barely get out of bed most days.

Being students we couldn’t afford the machine (is the price tag $1939 really worth it?? YES I would pay double knowing what it has done for us, more on savings later). SO I decided the best way to go would be to pay it off by becoming a consultant. I borrowed the $600, got my machine straight away, which I paid back once I sold my first 6 machines and got Thermomixing.

The price tag for me is absolutely worth it, I didn’t even think about it. By the time the demonstration was over I just knew I had to have one, we would be able to make EVERYTHING from scratch with such ease. I mean shit, I can watch Big Brother while dinner is cooking lol. I don’t even have to BE IN the kitchen at all, it will cook and stir and I will never burn or destroy another meal again. More to the point my toddler wouldn’t be clinging to my leg and screaming for an hour every time I have to prepare a meal from scratch and we won’t have a never ending pile of dishes to deal with, throw the machine in the dishwasher and you’re done!!

You save SO much money with a Thermomix, even if you are already using real food ingredients. Even things like Tahini which I use all the time (three tablespoons goes into my sons grain free, sugar free, yeast free banana bread every few days!) that stuff costs $10 a jar for the good organic stuff. Now we just buy organic unhulled sesame seeds in bulk, throw them in the machine with a bit of oil and tahini in 1 minute. No way could you do that in a normal food processor without it slowly dying over time (if it can even do it at all to begin with). We make our own coconut butter, real butter, pasta sauces from scratch, bolognaise, chilli con carne, curry pastes, preserves- jams, chutney, relish etc, dips, grain free, sugar free breads and cookies. The amount of money saved on those few things alone is absolutely astronomical. Literally all we buy these days is organic fruit and veg, meat, cream to make butter, raw milk, coconut oil and macadamia oil and a few spices. We have our own herb garden too and are starting to grow some vegetables so that also saves us loads of cash. I cringe whenever I hear people say they can’t afford Organic or real food, we are on a VERY low budget and we can feed our family food that is nourishing and free of chemicals, antibiotics and factory farming. It is definitely possible, it’s just about priorities and what’s important to you. Plus rather than buying a $5 chai latte every day I make it myself!! That’s $35 to go towards a real food budget each week right there!

Even just making your own stock instead of using stock cubes or liquid stock is not only a massive saving but so much better for your health. No additives, preservatives or MSG, hidden or otherwise. All that goes in is bits of vegetables, basically whatever you have lying around- generally in mine zucchini, tomato, carrot, onion or some leek, garlic, sometimes a bit of sweet potato, some beautiful fresh herbs- parsley, basil, sage and rosemary, fresh from our garden and a touch of macadamia nut oil (I prefer to use this in cooking over olive oil, higher smoke point). It is preserved with salt- I always use Celtic or Himalayan. Never table salt! As I am constantly making beautiful soups for lunch this stock comes in VERY handy and adds beautiful flavour, it is also used for just about every recipe in the book!! The Everyday Cookbook which comes with the machine is a great place to start :)

But seriously, what could be better than churning your own butter in the kitchen. The answer is nothing. Nothing ever.

Do you really get the use out of it??

Absolutely yes. So many yesses. In the mornings I throw on some porridge for Dom, it cooks and stirs for me and beeps when it’s done. I make an omelette for Dan in the machine, make the mixture in the bowl, all of these steps are done by the machine- grate some parmesan, saute onion and bacon, crack in a few eggs, throw in some cream and/or butter, salt and pepper and spinach leaves. Mix that up. Pour it into the Varoma lined with baking paper and steam away! Then I’ll have either Thermomix poached eggs with Thermomix hollandaise or my fat/protein smoothie, recipe here. Either that or I’ll have some grain free raisin bread with some homemade butter- again obviously all courtesy of Thermomix. I will often add some steamed asparagus and/or sweet potato to the mix if I’m having eggs and have it with some mashed up avo, lemon, salt and pepper. Yum!!!! I could never be bothered with breakfast before having a TM, now it’s awesome :)

For morning tea or afternoon tea Dom has a fruit platter, banana bread, a healthy milkshake (full of egg yolks and other goodies) or whatever Thermomix creation we are plotting for the day.

For lunch I love to have soup, at the moment my favourite is cauliflower soup or pumpkin, I always include plenty of butter :) it’s so great just throwing everything in, putting it on the timer and walking away so I can get back to my reading and writing!

I’m obsessed with these chewy chocolate cookies from Wholefood Simply. Gorgeous image courtesy of Rose Hewartson Photography. The Thermomix conversion for these is simply weigh in 140g macadamia nuts, 140 pitted dates (preferably organic- free of preservatives, vegetable oil etc) and a tablespoon of raw cacao, 20 seconds, speed 9. Roll into balls, flatten on lined baking tray and bake for 10 minutes, 180 degrees as per recipe!

Dinner is so creative and varied these days it’s wonderful. The other night I made a beautiful parsnip, cauliflower and potato mash with plenty of butter to have with Dan’s pan seared scallops and a butter sauce.

Often we will have steamed chicken or fish with steamed vegetables and a variety of delicious and clean sauces made in the machine.

Things like chilli con carne, goulash and easy curries are always favourites, risotto is divine (we do a little bit of rice now and then these days as I am much more able to tolerate some grains, especially if they are soaked and properly prepared!) Lots of delicious and quickly prepared salads. Dan adores the beetroot salad. Sometimes we just have the amazing potato salad for dinner haha. It is that good!! Delicious smoked salmon pasta sauces. There are so many things you can make, you will never get bored or not know what to cook again!! It’s all from scratch, saves loads of money and tastes divine, all in the one machine, minimal washing up, prep time cut down to practically nothing (throw it in and let the machine chop it for a few seconds), no more crying over cutting onions, no more using every single thing in your entire kitchen to make a meal from scratch. Literally cooking like your great grandmother but in an absolute fraction of the time! It is mind blowing.

Appliances we have thrown out, sold or given away

We THREW OUT the microwave, it was an old dinosaur and I don’t want to be a part of anyone else microwaving their food so it is GONESKI. Yay. There is so much more room in the kitchen and if we need to reheat food we simply do it in the Thermomix. Anything you can do in a microwave can be done in a Thermomix (however I might consider backhanding you if you re-heat disgusting processed, frozen meals in the machine lol). We are having a baby in January and I’m so excited about how easy it is going to be this time to make the baby so many varieties of delicious nutritious foods when they are ready to try solids and I will just be able to freeze batches and quickly reheat them in the machine without losing all the nutrients and damaging the food. Cyndi O’Meara has an interesting blog post on using Microwaves and I for one am super glad we won’t ever be using one again.

We no longer need the 7 part monstrosity of a juicer that is an absolute living nightmare to clean, we don’t need the dodgy blender or stick thingy (Bamix was ours, good brand but now useless so sold!), we don’t need a rice cooker, steaming rice works beautifully in the Thermomix and no more burnt dodgy rice on the bottom of the rice cooker, no more slow cooker, we don’t even actually have a kettle because it died and you can just boil your water in the Thermomix. If I think of any other appliances I’ve replaced I’ll add them to the list. I had never baked in my life before having a Thermomix so didn’t have a bread maker but it definitely replaces that too.

Well I think I’ve gone on long enough for one day. Check out the Thermomix website for more info. If you want to see a demo click on the book a demo tab and remember to let them know that Jessie Reimers sent you over! I’m always happy to answer any questions, talk about what I love about being a consultant and help out on your Thermomix journey in any way I can, like I said I’m a consultant in Brisbane and have been one for nearly a year now so I’m always picking up new tips and tricks. Feel free to comment or email me on jessrems@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to another demo tomorrow! Pretty good job haha, cook some people some yummy food and talk some smack about nutrition. I used to HATE cooking and feeding myself and family. Now I love it. Whether you love cooking, hate cooking, are trying to eat better, you’re super busy, you have food intolerances or allergies, you’ve got kids, you are retired, you’re a young student I really think anyone and everyone can benefit from having this machine. Chuck all your other appliances that you never bother using on gumtree and get a Thermomix seriously, you will NOT regret it. Best investment I have ever made into my own health, my families health and the way we shop.

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